Beginners 2



Addressing People / things

Bikul(Name)-ji     Formal way to address someone using their name

Aama / Buwa       Mother / Father, but also friendly term men/women          roughly in your parents generation

Didi / Bahini       Older / Younger sister, but also friendly term used to refer to other women roughly in your                      generation

Dai / Bhai       Older / Younger brother, same as above

Nanu / Babu       Young girl / boy child

Ma / Hami       I / We

Tapaii             You

Yo / Tyo             This / That

Question Words

Ke                                 What

Kahaan                        Where

Kati                                  How much

Kina / kinabhane          Why / because

Kasko                             Whose

Kahile                              When

Kun                                  Which

Kasari                               How

Kasto                             How (of quality)