Nepali Phrases



Simple sample sentences

Thamel, kahaan ho/cha?         Where is Thamel?

Kahaan jane?               Where are you going?

Esko kati parcha/ho?               How much does this cost? (useful in stores)

Kati ho?                             How much? (useful for asking taxi drivers)

Kahile jane? / kahile khanne? When are we going? When are we eating?

Tapaiiko ghar kahaang ho? Where is your home?

Mero ghar America-ma ho     My home is in America


Ma ali-ali Nepali bolchu     I only speak a little Nepali

Bistaari bhannus na        Please speak slowly

Tapaiiko bihe bhaiyo?         Are you married? (your marriage happened?)

Mero bihe bhaiyo / bhayeko chaina? I am married / not married.(My marriage happened)

Ma American hun             I am American

Jomsom jane baato kun ho?           Which is the road to Jomsom? (Jomsom going road)

Ali sastoma dinus         Please give it a little cheaper

Dherai mahango bhaiyo     It’s very (too) expensive

Yo / tyo ke ho?             What is this / that?

Ek raatiko kati ho?            How much for one night?

Tapaiilai ______ man parcha?   Do you like ______?

Malai ______ man parcha. I like ______.

ex. Malai Nepali khanna man parcha. I like Nepali food.