A collection of very interesting Nepali proverbs.  Some of them might not make much sense in english translation.

Naachna Najanney Aaagan tedo.

(You dont know how to dance and you the floor is not in level).

Jo chor uskai thulo swor.

( The one who is guilty has the higher voice).

Na paune le kera payo bokrai sita khayo.

( Someone who had nothing got bananas, he ate it without peeling it)

chokta khan gako budi jholma dubera mari.

( The one who went to eat the meat drowned in the liquid)

Jun goruko sing chhaina uskai naam tikhe.

( The Ox that has no horns is named “Sharpy”)

Mauka maa hira fornu.

(When there is opportunity you have to be ready to break a diamond)

Achana ko pir khukurile jandaina.

Dhan khane musa chot paaune byaguta.

Haati chhiro puchchar adrakiyo.

( The elephant got in but its tail is stuck)

Bhir baat ladrane gorulai ram bhanna sakinchha kadh halna sakindaina.

( You can say “God Bless” to an ox going down hill but cant try to hold him down.)

khai na paai chhalako topi lai.

( Cant afford to eat but wears a leather hat)