Nepali Recipes


Nepali food recipes

Nepali Favorites

Daal Bhat (Rice and Lentil)

•Momo (Nepali Dumplings, You will love it)

Pulau ( Nepali Rice Pilaf)


Aloo Wala - Aloo Sandheko

Beans and Bamboo Shoot ( Aloo tama)

  1. Mustard Green

Vegetable Momos

•Vegetarian Quantee

•Vegetable Thukpa

•Potato Curry (Aalu Tarkari)


•Lamb Bhutuwa

•Lamb Chwyela

•Lamb Daikon

•Lamb Meatballs

•Lamb Sekuwa

•Lamb Spinach

•Lamb-Stuffed Cabbage

•Lamb with Cauliflower and Peas

•Lamb with Mustard Greens

•Gorkhali Lamb

•Ground Lamb Sekuwa

•Sesame Lamb Chwyela

•Lamb Tarkari

Tomato Lamb Tarkari

Other Meat Specialties

•Chhwela Wala

•Choo La

•Hakoo Chwyela

•Laa Achar

•Lah wo Lapi

•Meat Thukpa

•Non-Vegetarian Quantee

•Onion Ground Meat


•Chicken Bhutuwa

•Chicken Chow Chow

•Creamy Chicken

•Chicken Eggplant

•Chicken Sekuwa

•Chicken Shrimp Kabab Sekuwa

•Chicken Tarkari

•Chicken Zucchini

•Grilled Chicken Chili

•Jwanu Chicken

•Mushroom Chicken

•Chicken Chop

•Tomato Chicken Tarkari


Side Dishes

•Aloo Acchar

•Aloo Mula Achaar

•Chilli Achaar

•Lai Chula Achaar

Tamato Achaar


•Pala Wala - Palak Sandheko

•Dal (Lentil soup)

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